Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is progress?

From Gay League

"Joe Quesada still says no ongoing solo series starring gay or lesbian characters at Marvel Comics without a MAX or 'explicit content' label."

He then goes on to say that his own decision is ridiculous, but explains it by bringing up the old CCA scare tactics from the 50's, as if he thinks that actually still applies. They've already abandoned the code and, let's be honest, they've stopped marketing to kids years ago(just like video games, the average consumer is between 17-30 years of age). Granted the recent coming out of DC and Marvel characters en masse seems forced and gimmicky, but at least that would have led to some sincere diversity down the road. Being gay makes you explicit? When there's plenty of hetero sex flinging about in a lot of their books, especially the entire Ultimate universe? Well at least I'm not interested in any of their books anyway, barring a select few. I love Nextwave, Joe Casey's Fantastic Four, and Ennis' MAX Punisher is still going strong.

But still, how sad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well. You can always be part of a change. :-)

4:11 PM  
Blogger Ian McEwan said...

Hell, I have to get published first. But aside from that, there's plenty that can be done. Boycotting would be one. One of the most effective things anyone can do is to actually write to them(or email), telling them your feelings in the matter. Nobody ever seems to do this, which leaves them with little or no feedback about their decisions.

6:13 PM  
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