Thursday, August 10, 2006

The femmelord of comics

Last night, as I was cashiering at the ol' bookstore, Gail Simone walks up to buy some books. She probably has to be the most well known women in mainstream comics, and she was incredibly nice. And I came very close to giving her the old, "Hey, I draw comics! Can I shamelessly hock my work on you?" But I didn't, and now I think I should have, to at least have given her one of my ashcans which I had in the back. Would it have done any good?

Well, I'll always be able to peddle my sweet ass the next time Brian Michael Bendis comes in.


Blogger Gail Simone said...

Listen, I felt terrible I didn't have any comics to give the both of you when you were so nice to me.

How about me at and we'll discuss it further, okay?

And thanks for the kind words from both of you. It was a nice relief from seeing The Descent!



3:28 AM  

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