Sunday, August 13, 2006

Purging more old stuff

This was my very first piece of consignment. It was for a friend, but I still considered it a job. It's a portrait of Matt Helm, otherwise known as the American James Bond, and immortalized by Dean Martin's goofy ass.

This is what I was hired to do for the same friend a couple months after. It is going to be the cover to his book, if he ever gets it finished. All he said is, "I want hands holding up a gun. The gun has blood on it's tip, like it was used to stab someone. It should resemble hands praying. And he MUST be wearing a Rolex." I've always liked this one, even though when other people see it, they all have questions about the blood.

A logo I designed for a coworker. She planned on opening a high end sex/bondage shop called Gagball Mary's. Get it? She asked for a logo without any other input, and this is what came out.

This is an illustration for a magazine article that a friend wrote entitled, "The Night Sam Peckinpah Almost Got Me Killed." The article was never published, but then again, neither was the magazine.

Another illustration for said defunct zine. The article was about how Michael Eisner was crushing Disney by shutting down their handrawn animation department. To this day, I still like to think that Eisner has an actual gotti four finger ring with his name on it, that he wears alone at home while watching BET.


Anonymous jessecoombs said...

Yes, yes. Apologies for said magazine.

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