Monday, May 12, 2008

Some thumbnail pages out of my sketchbook. I thumbnail a lot, but the amount of detail is hardly consistent. I either stop when I get a good idea of a shot, or get too interested in it, and end up using the more detailed panels to enlarge and trace onto comic paper as a starting point:

This one is a perfect example. I got the right pose I was going for, but it wasn't the right size in the panel. So I shrunk the borders, and started getting an idea about the background. Scanned, I can enlarge it to 11x17 paper scale. This sort of thing really helps to be able to take in the whole composition... something I cannot do at all drawing at the larger size.


Blogger MegaTherion said...

have you ever considered drawing a comic in two or more styles?

for example: the japanese will use both 'cartoony' characters and 'photorealistic' characters in the same comic, to reflect personality or convey emotion.

like Yuyu Hakusho. the characters in the manga are always going back and forth from really cartoony and abstract to extremely detailed and realistic depending on mood and circumstance.

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