Thursday, May 01, 2008

So, I think this'll be the final image:

I keep thinking I should add some effects in the background, but I have such a love for flat graphic color. Hence the vague geometry with the tree of life in the foreground. I know not many will get it, more of a wink to those that do, but my hope is that it doesn't need to be got. That it'll be okay looking a little weird and sci-fi-esque, fitting the abstract nature of the book. But this is the exact sort of thing I'd like feedback about from a publisher. We'll see, but overall I think seeing this and a few colored pages will at least cause editors to take a longer look at it. It was designed for the color to make it flourish, and I never intended it to be seen in B&W.

I guess this means I'm officially giving a damn about Invader again. Oy.

Here's hoping.


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