Friday, May 09, 2008

I found a pen in my art box that I bought, must be a year ago: a Tombow ABT double headed marker pen. Decided to play with it a little... and sweet Granny Goodness, I'm in love. I only used the fat end, which creates good variety in line widths because the tip is still super fine. Not sure what the ink is(pretty sure it's not India), but it's remarkably black, dries very quickly, and didn't bleed on my so-so sketchbook paper:

This is a super quick sketch I did, vaguely of the main character for the comic I'm working on right now. I went overkill on the blacks, but I was just playing around with the pen. I likey, and think I'll be buying a bunch more. I got some good brush strokes out of it which is great, because I still haven't put forth anytime to learn how to use a proper ink brush.



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