Monday, December 17, 2007

Jotun tarot project

I designed two tarot cards for a deck put together by Raven Kaldera(author most notably for Urban Primitive, among others). It's a deck designed by various artists, and themed around the Jotun, the frost giants of Norse myth. Here's the Ten of Swords, which I finally scanned and cleaned up:

This illustrates a story I'd never read about. Odin punishes Loki by turning his youngest son Vali into a wolf, as Loki and his(third?) wife Sigyn are forced to watch him kill his older son Narvi.

And the Six of Wands...

This one shows the frost giant Mundilfari, known as "the turner of time" and father to Sol and Mani, standing triumphantly amidst the timeline.

I find it interesting that the two cards I ended up doing are essentially "Absolute Win" and "Absolute Fail". Hee.

Here's a link to Raven's page with most of the deck on it. I know he plans on printing the deck, but I haven't heard back yet on how widely. It would kind of awesome if I could order it into my bookstore. :D

Now, to finish my whiskey, smoke, and sleep.


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