Friday, December 08, 2006


I've recently been offered the chance of a gallery showing here in Portland. I don't have much that's a decent size, and not too much single piece work, but I'd still be interested in how it would fair in a gallery, and I'm working on some cool stuff I want to do just to hang up on the walls. Those should be good gallery pieces, nice and pretentious. Hopefully I don't seize up into a nervous ball of fleshy bits when/if it happens.

I've been thinking about my style lately. It's weird, and I think this happens to a lot of artists, but I never really saw a particular style in my stuff. People tell me I have it, but I never see it, and when I do, I see multiple styles and can't help but think that it needs refinement, a cohesive focus that I lack. I feel like I sometimes push myself, but then don't see it in the end result. I guess lately I'm feeling a little more like me when I draw or design, which is a good start. Anyway.

I've obtained yet another online personality here at ComicSpace. It's slow in the starting, but could be a potentially fruitful networking tool, and already has a lot of actual professionals as members. Hey! Dave Gibbons just signed up.


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